A few information about remarketing, which you have to know.

Remarketing definition

Firstly I would like to present what the notion of remarketing means. Remarketing allows you to send adds to the people who visited your website previously. That’s the easiest definition of remarketing.


Why you should use remarketing?

One of the most crucial points among e-marketers nowadays is how to target their offer in the most precise way in order to beat our competitors. I think that remarketing is an answer to the market which is more and more competitive and the knowledge how to still keep your target with your products is the clue of  today’s online marketing.
Old-fashioned style of marketing assumes that the important thing is how to attract the biggest amount of users (they can change then from users to customers). This point: how to change the user into the customer is the most important today. E-marketers know that the right direction is not to buy your users because it takes to much money when we compare it with the effects which it brings. The essential factor now is the conversion.

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It is not enough just to bring the user to your page but of course you have to then so be it, take care to convince you to take advantage of the offer. Ability to manage relationships with consumers becoming extremely important skill in online business.

In the context of remarketing worth paying attention to another important aspect – If the client was already on our website it means that it is going to have a intention to spend money with us. You just need not reach. People who already have on your website are more susceptible to the advertising for the product you are interested in, and are therefore, easier target than a completely new user. Communication with them is therefore easier and more effective.


What about privacy?

Anyone who connects to the Internet becomes a part of the global web. The Internet is present in every sphere of our lives, and virtually indispensable to the functioning of the modern world. Opening the websites and servers connecting to gain great opportunities to view and search the data, transactions and communications between people. On the other hand, can leave a mark in the form of sign up for the mailing list, leaving the data necessary to process transactions or simply stay on some website. Disclosure of your credit card number, name, address or phone number allows you to take advantage of the numerous services. Generally, the reality is (probably everyone slowly started to get used to it) that our privacy in the network is very limited and the internet is the largest database in the history of mankind. Moreover, we agree to limiting even using social networking sites, Google or from online stores.

Along with the popularization of remarketing appear more frequent questions about the privacy issues that are the subject of remarketing clients. Some users may feel uncomfortable revealing the fact that it is “tracked all the time”. This typically occurs at the moment when they are running ads that visited stores or items that viewed. This raises the suspicion of unfair practices and mysterious “tracking system”, and worst of often creates a sense of ‘ stolen privacy’. Customer Concerns are often dictated by the lack of knowledge about legal practices in the remarketing. The first is the use of cookies to verify the content viewed by users on the Internet. However, Internet users can protect themselves by making use of their cookies in your browser settings.

But the truth is that network marketing through the cookie does not collect personal information, but merely browsing history. You, therefore, remain anonymous. Advertisers do not collect personal information such as your name and address , but only behavioral data on how to stay on the side that serve them to display more targeted ads , which benefits both the recipient and sender advertisement. Who would not prefer to see messages tailored to their interests rather than random ads?

Somewhat different is the situation with the email remarkets. Here, first of all, you need to take care of it, to be filled with the provisions on the protection of personal data relating to the collection and processing of personal data and send offers by e-mail. In addition, it is worth included in the privacy policy, the information about what data will be collected and what use.

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